Short | Documentary | 2021

After twenty-four years away from his family, Stanisław is homeward-bound on a journey that's long overdue.

N/A | Film/Digital | 2021


Stanisław Koscik

Ursula Koscik

Directed by

Nicholas Koscik

Written by

Nicholas Koscik

Produced by

David Multari

Nicholas Koscik

Raymond Hoang



Dylan M. Young

Nicholas Koscik

Upon fleeing Poland in 1982 due to a growing fear of government collapse, Stanisław Koscik, along with his wife and two children, sought refuge in Northern Ontario, Canada. Fast forward to 2018. It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since he last saw home. His siblings miss him. Their children miss him. So what’s prevented him from going back? 


At his daughter's urgent request, he journeys back only to discover that the people and places he once knew have since evolved drastically. 


Stanisław is an in-depth look at the psyche of a migrant whose experiences left him with heartache, independence, and hope for a brighter future.

Toronto Smartphone Film Festival

Toronto, Canada

48 Hour Kabaret


September 27, 2018 | AGO Jackman Hall

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